Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams Podcasts

May 2021

May 16, 2021_ Show ID 1765

Guest: Steven Green, General Manager, Camptel Glamping, Cedar Key, Florida, USA

May 15, 2021_Show ID 1764

Hour 1 Guest: Hour 1 Guest: Mrs. Allison Menkes-Hill, Brand-New_Bride who Stephanie refers to as “Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady,” after consuling with travel expert Stephanie Abrams, chose Wheatleigh in Lenox, Massachusetts, USA, for her glorious elopement in luxury with her fiance, Jared Hill. Allison shares her happy-but-challenging wedding day and how they did their best dealing with Covid-19-induced obstacles including live-streaming their wedding on facebook to share this special day with the couple’s family and friend in the US and abraod. Stephanie lauds Massachusetts 4th District Senator, Smitty Pignatelli, who stepped up to officiate at the wedding at travel expert Stephanie Abrams request who, you’ll learn, brought a warm Massachusetts welcoming atmosphere and an abunance of love to this special day! Thank you, Smitty!

Hour 2 Guest: Sean McKeown, Director, Fota Wildlife Park, Carringtwohill, County Cork, Ireland.

Hour 3 Guest: County Down, Northern Ireland, UK.

May 9, 2021_ Show ID 1763

Guest: Ralph Mahana, General Manager, Windsor Court Hotel, New Orelans, Louisiana, USA

May 8 2021_ Show ID 1762

Hour 1: Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams gives insights into the background of Evergreen, the cargo ship/airline/trucking firm with strong CIA connections and the potential connection to the jamming of the Suez Canal at just days before the announcement that the abutting country of Jordan just experienced a an action designed to be a coup. You must hear this!

Hour 2 Guest: Elizabeth Stack, Executive Director, Irish-American Heritage Museum, Albany, New York, USA

Hour 3: Steven Green, General Manager, Comptel Glamping, Cedar Key, Florida, USA

May 2, 2021_ Show ID 1761

Guest: Dennis Zotigh, Museum Cultural Specialist for the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, New YorkCity, New York, USA

May 1, 2021_Show ID 1760

Hour 1 Guest: Christopher Le Chatton, General Manager, Ballantyne Hotel & Resort, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Hour 2 Guest: Niall Coffey, General Manager, Harvey’s Point, County Donegal, Ireland

Hour 3 Guest: Malachy Kearnes, Owner, Roundstone Music, Manufacturer of Bodhran Irish Drums, Roundstone, Connemara, Ireland

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