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You’re invited to listen to short audio-clip testimonials that actually broadcast on radio and TV about travel expert Stephanie Abrams! Speakers include Irish Minister of Government, Prime Minister of St. Lucia, & spokesperson for Malta Tourism Authority. And you’ll laugh a lot, too!

And Another Thing. . .

In addition to the high-achievers who have so many wonderful things to say about Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams and her positive impact on the industry of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, Stephanie’s interaction sharing her knowledge of destinations, their features and benefits in a variety of platforms including online interactions. While Stephanie is the first to remark that, with so many projects on her plate, she has no business investing the time it takes to respond to remarks of destinations and the people and culture of those destinations under discussion at a variety of websties, she realizes that she has unique, indepth, intense knowledge and first hand experiences in places that most people with opinions on those destinations are lacking. “I can’t resist the ‘Call of the Uninformed’ when erroneous information is splashed across web pages as fact creating false narratives about travel destinations. I react like a bull in a bull fighting arena being aggravated by a toreador waving a red cape. I just can’t ignore the temptation to charge in mastery to set the story straight!’

Such has been the case at a Question/Answer/Commentary forum online called Quorum where discussions about Ireland have taken place. While you can find some of the dialogue at sAbrams.net in the pages of “A Little Bit of Ireland,” here are TESTIMONIALS reacting to Stephanie’s commentary responding and reacting to the remarks of the person who answered the question. Their reactions and evaluations of Stephanie’s responses to the original question and to the responses of those who answered the questions stand as unique testimonials to the quality and value of Radio, TV and Broadcast Media Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams. Have a look at some of these TESTIMONIAL responses:

Jason Patrick’s Comments about Stephanie’s Response to the Questions & Jason Patrick’s Remarks complete with Stephanie’s Reaction:

Jason Patrick · 22h ago January 20, 2020 at 6pmET:

Well I have to say that your response is nothing short of perfect, amazing, fantastic, just all the great words you can think of to explain what you just wrote.

I was extremely Impressed while reading it that I had to read it twice.

Well done, and tha ks for sharing such a detailed answer.

New Comment: 31 Dec 2021, 06:08ET
Tommy Hutton replied to your comment on an answer to: “Did the Irish feel British by 1900? Was Dublin more unionist than parts of Ulster? How did the people. React to the Easter Rising? Did Ireland finally feel like an integral part of the UK? Or still simply a colony of Britain?”

Wow! That was a most thoughtful and enlightening piece Stephanie, and I sincerely thank you for it. It is like a worthy hymn to Ireland and the Irish, so you must be commended for itTake care Stephanie, and I hope we’ll hear more from you.


Jimmy Deenihan is a most incredible person and a uniquely Irish character. During his athletic career, he was a famous Irish football and rugby player for County Kerry and Ireland. He was encouraged to run for a seat in Irish government by a famous Kerry author, poet, and playwright, John B. Keane, whose advice Jimmy followed. Jimmy served as a Minister of State for the Diaspora from 2014 to 2016, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht from 2011 to 2014 and Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry from 1994 to 1997. This audio clip was broadcast on March 19, 2019 at the 100th Anniversary or Marconi, Father of Radio, sending the first radio voice message from Ballybunion, Co. Kerry, Ireland to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada when Jimmy was asked by Deirdre Walsh, host/presenter of a talk show on Radio Kerry, to introduce Stephanie Abrams to her radio audience at a broadcast on site commemorating St. Patrick’s Day & Ballybunion Marconi Day in Ireland which you can also watch in Episode 21 of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams: . Have a listen to the link above!


Narcy Calamatta is an actor, author, playwright, theatrical and film producer, historian, scholar, wit and spokesperson for the Malta Tourism Authority. Narcy was assigned to accompany travel expert Stephanie Abrams on a visit to Malta. Once back in the US, Stephanie had more questions for Narcy, who you can see featured in Episode 1 of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams: Magnificent Malta: Gem of the Mediterranean. When Stephanie had Narcy in a live radio broadcast by telephone, she began to ask him the first question on her new list of items she needed to know the answers about Malta for herself and her audience. Before Narcy began to answer her question she had something else he needed to say about the visit of Mark and Stephanie Abrams to Malta. Listen to this and prepare to laugh!
Narcy Calamatta
Narcy Calamatta being interviewed by Radio & TV Travel Expert at the
Corinthia Palace Hotel in Malta
The Cathedral of St. John, Valetta, Malta built by the Knights of the Order of St. John. See this cathedral featured in Episode 1 of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams: Magnificent Malta
Souvenir plates in gift shop at Cathedral of St. John in Malta bearing Maltese Cross.


Allen Chastanet is Prime Minister of St. Lucia. He has also head the office of Minister of Tourism in St. Lucia. He has been a leader n the tourism and hospitality industry for decades and has been actively involved in family owned and managed hotels in St. Lucia. During a live broadcast, prior to Allen’s entry into the political scene in St. Lucia, Allen was a guest on radio shows of travel expert Stephanie Abrams many times. During one of these interviews, Allen gave his insights into Stephanie’s contribution to tourism to St. Lucia, in particular, and the Caribbean, in general.


Stephanie met Eoghan Corry on a sunset cruise on Acapulco Bay aboard the yacht owned by the CEO of El Presidente Hotels in Mexico. The 20 journalists and broadcasters who had been invited for a 5pm-7pm sailing aboard the well-over-100-foot yacht were having such a fabulous time aboard that the owner, who was incognito posing as a crew member, instructed the captain to keep the group at sea. The boat docked just before midnight and, by then, everyone aboard had friends they’d long remember. Stephanie was on the back deck of the yacht where, after a two-hour dance contest ended with a winner, a man sitting at least 30 feet away from Stephanie on the opposite side of the yacht took the social director aside and asked a question. The social director lifted his hand-held microphone and announced, “Would anyone like to participate in a singing competition now that the dance contest is over?” Stephanie nudged her husband and said, “I bet he’s Irish!” She then walked across the deck and introduced herself to, it turns out, Eoghan Corry from Donegal. Stephanie and Eoghan have kept in touch every since and he has been a returning guest to her radio shows as well as someone Stephanie has unexpectedly run into while in Donegal. One such event was at a party in Donegal in Stephanie’s honor orchestrated by the then head of Failte Ireland Northwest, Paul McCloon. Eoghan Corry was invited to that event and it was a reunion for Eoghan and Stephanie to everyone’s surprise. To end the evening on a sweet note, Paul McCloon and Eoghan Corry crooned for the assembled. Eoghan Corry is currently an appointee by Minister of Tourism for Ireland to the Covid-19 Tourism Recovery Task Force, serving with such dignitaries and good friends of Stephanie Abrams, Elaina Fitzgerald Kane who is also President of the Irish Hotel Federation and an executive within the family owned hotel group which includes The Fitzgerald Woodlands House Hotel in Adare, County, Limerick, Ireland, a hotel that is high on Stephanie’s ‘Favorites in Ireland” list.

Phyllis Stoller

Phyllis Stoller is the visionary and founder of the niche market tour operator, The Women’s Travel Group, that entered the travel industry in 1992 providing unique tours for women who have wanderlust and are looking for experiential travel in exotic destinations with other like-minded women to avoid the other choices of traveling alone or staying home! An oft-guest on Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams, Phyllis’ most recent visit with travel expert Stephanie Abrams focused on safely overcoming the challenges of traveling in an environment where Covid-19 is the elephant on the journey even when the journey is not to Africa, India or Thailand!

Kathleen Jarvis

Sister Catherine Markey on her Stephanie Abrams Travel Fairy Godmother journey through Ireland at Clonmacnoise, County Offaly, Ireland
In a recent broadcast of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams, Kathleen Jarvis commented on being the recipient of a trip to Ireland from the Stephanie Abrams Travel Fairy Godmother project that Stephanie implemented over two decades ago. Kathleen had contacted travel expert Stephanie Abrams to ask for her assistance in providing a tour of Ireland for Sister Catherine Markey, a Benedictine nun who was the archivist at the Monastery in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Sister Catherine was close to her 80th birthday and, as she put it, she wanted to visit the places that her ancestors were from before she became frail. This would be Sister Catherine’s first trip outside of the US and Kathleen Jarvis, a volunteer at the Benedictine Monastery who knew Sister Catherine well, would be her traveling companion. The pair became the beneficiaries of an 11 day/10 night visit to Ireland inclusive of marvelous historic and castle hotels, all of their meals and a car complete with driver and guide. After the trip was all planned and the pair were in receipt of their itinerary and all necessary documents and just a week before their, Stephanie was informed by the car rental company that the driver/guide that was to accompany them could only provide their services for the first three days of the trip and then had a family “situation” that made it impossible to complete the assignment for the additional week and the car rental company had no one to fill in to finish the trip. At such a late date, wrapping around Labor Day in the US, solving this problem seemed impossible until David Isby, Stephanie’s senior producer, voiced his solution: “Stephanie, you could fly to Ireland and drive them around!” Within the hour, Stephanie had airline reservations for herself and her husband to fly to Ireland and made hotel reservations to match the good sister’s itinerary starting from September 11th, where the couple would connect with Sister Catherine and Kathleen Jarvis in County Mayo at Knock Shrine. Sister Catherine and Kathleen Jarvis knew that the driver who delivered them to Knock in Co. Mayo on September 10th would not be the picking them up as there would be a change of car/driver/guide picking them up the next day. They had NO IDEA that Stephanie and her husband, Mark, would be coming to perform that function for the next week picking them up in Knock and, ultimately, dropping them off at Shannon Airport on the last morning of their 11 day visit to Ireland!



Hi Stephanie, Can’t find an email for you. Hope you see this. I enjoyed your novel, RUMORS ; it gets the reader right into it on page 1 and doesn’t stop. Thanks!

Thanks, Laura! That’s a theme I never get tired of hearing. . . that RUMORS is a fast-paced page-turner that readers can’t put down once they start reading it. I’m hoping that its sequel, SECRET, will be published in 2021. I’m the stumbling block to progress as finding time to work on it is the biggest challenge! I hope you’ll write reviews wherever it makes sense and encourage others to read it! Big hugs and wising you much happiness in 2021! Stepnanie Abrams