Stephanie Abrams at Old Head on the Atlantic Ocean at Louisburgh, Co. Mayo, Ireland


Have a quick listen to these testimonials, each just a couple of minutes long. . .or shorter. . . that deliver a message with a punch you’ll long remember! All of these testimonials have broadcast nationally on radio as well as in episodes of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams! You’ll hear travel expert Stephanie Abrams giggle her way through at least one of the audio-clips because  of the  wild remarks of the speaker. Two of the speakers are  world leaders in government and tourism. One is Prime Minister of his destination and was Minister of Tourism before that in St. Lucia. Another served in three different positions as Minister of Irish government for more than thirty (30) years. Another  is a celebrity actor, author, play and film producer, author, wit, and historian and all are incredible people who are well respected globally in travel and tourism. Enjoy a quick listen to these unique testimonials!

Phyllis Stoller, President, The Women’s Travel Group


Narcy Calamatta

Narcy Calamatta being interviewed by Radio & TV Travel Expert at the
Corinthia Palace Hotel in Malta

The Cathedral of St. John, Valletta, Malta built by the Knights of the Order of St. John. See this cathedral featured in Episode 1 of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams: Magnificent Malta


Prime Minister, St. Lucia, West Indies, Former Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation. Family history in tourism and hotel ownership and management, Allen Chastanet, in a live radio broadcast with travel expert Stephanie Abrams, commented on Stephanie’s contribution to growing and sustaining Caribbean tourism to St. Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean.

Phyllis Stoller

Phyllis Stoller, President, The Women’s Travel Group

Phyllis Stoller is the visionary and founder who spearheaded the development of a niche market tour operator, The Women’s Travel Group, to provide travel experiences for women with wanderlust who have interest in exploring exotic, diverse and exciting places and would like to travel with a group of like-minded women for that purpose. Founded in 1992, the longevity of The Women’s Travel Group stands as its own testimony to the quality and value of the company since competition and ever-arising challenges in the travel industry weed out those companies on the fringe of quality and value delivered to travelers.

Eoghan Corry

Eoghan Corry is a well-known travel journalist in Ireland whom travel expert Stephanie Abrams met almost 2 decades ago when they were both invited to be part of a group of about 20 travel journalists and broadcasters aboard the yacht owned by the head of El Presidente Hotels for a sunset cruise of Acapulco Bay. The yacht was well over 100 feet long and was staffed with crew and lots of good things to eat and drink. While the invitation was for a 2 hour period with boarding at 5pm, the group was so congenial and were having so much fun that the captain of the yacht kept the group at sea until almost midnight! It turned out that the CEO of El Presidente, owner of the yacht, was one of the people on board but kept his identity a secret. Stephanie notes that, “He was sitting just to my left the whole time and, while we chatted throughout, I had no idea who he was!” You can hear more about how Eoghan and Stephanie connected aboard the yacht here at sAbrams.net archived audio and/or podcast of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams that broadcast on April 10, 2021. But here is the clip of the testimonial to Stephanie’s contribution the growth and development of tourism to Ireland. . .

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