Travel Expert Broadcaster Shines a Light on Under-Marketed Tourism Treasures on California’s North Coast

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March 22, 2023: 

Always on the lookout for interesting places that are not as well-known as highly publicized destinations, radio and TV show executive producer and host of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams and Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams states , ‘I’ve stumbled upon a beauty!” Abrams refers to Crescent City, California, a seaside community the hugs the Pacific shoreline boasting beautiful beaches that run for miles. . . and miles  . . . complimenting the outdoors experiences available to visitors at  Crescent City’s  Jedediah Smith State Park, managed cooperatively by the National Park Service and the California State Park system.  The county of Del Norte boasts over 30,000 acres of redwood trees parkland with over 10,000 acres in Crescent City making for a unique experience for travelers without parallel, Abrams points out.

Crescent City is located about 20 miles south of the Oregon border.  The destination is best reached by car. For those flying from other parts of the country and the world, Abrams points out that, “ Portland International Airport (PDX), a four hour drive north of Crescent City, is a good choice for an itinerary that includes time well invested in this unique wonderland.”  Other strong airport  choices include   Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) and San Francisco International Airport (SFO), eleven hours ‘drive north of Crescent City and six hours south of the destination, respectively. “The good news,” Abrams points out,” is that, unlike long stretches with not much more than mountains and exquisite scenery one finds in driving cross-country in the US, the travelers can jump on Highway 101 in Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles for that matter, and head for the northwest corner of California as the 101 cuts through Crescent City so it’s impossible to get lost and the journey is noted for being one of the most gorgeous scenic drives in America. . .if not the world!”

Abrams, whose first travel guide, “1001 Reasons to Visit Ireland,” is expected this year, points out that Crescent City and Del Norte County remind her, in so many ways, of Ireland.  “Like County Donegal in northwestern Ireland, Crescent City has a similar geographic position in California, “Abrams explains. “And like Donegal, which, on an annual basis, receives only about 7% to 8% of all visitors to Ireland, Crescent City, from my point of view, has the same challenges as Donegal. The comparison is stunning in that the attention that Los Angeles to  San Francisco corridor receive from travelers  can  be compared to the  attention that Donegal and Galway receive, especially since the building of the highway known as the Dublin-Galway Road. Travelers seemingly get caught up on a mobius and often never get out of  that travel loop, not realizing what they are missing by not experiencing what  the northwest has to offer!”

Regrettably, Abrams notes, drought, whose effects were minimized by floods from excessive rain, overflowing rivers, excessive heat and wildfires have been rampant in California, in general, and dominate the news. But Crescent City, Abrams explains, has its own unique micro-climate which she describes  as “Bermuda in the winter year ‘round!  Temperatures rarely soar above the low 70’s and rarely dip below 40 degrees which makes for comfortable outdoor activities. And, like Ireland, the  region receives valuable rainfall which is generally followed by brilliant sunshine and incredible rainbows with colors that are intensely vibrant. . . and even more impressive  of than the many rainbows I’ve enjoyed in Ireland!”

As unusual and unforgettable as the sights of the giant redwoods which proliferate the region and  lengthy stretches of Pacific coastline beaches are, Abrams notes that she will never forget the warm hospitality shown to her by Patricia Coburn, the General Manager of the Best Western Plus  Northwoods Inn and Rick White, the owner of Port O’Pints pub in Crescent City. “Charmers!” Abrams states enthusiastically.  “Patricia needs to be dipped in bronze and placed in the Smithsonian as an example of ‘Excellence in Tourism!’ Patricia is skilled, competent, charming and never for a second loses sight of her mission to exceed the expectations of everyone who enters this pampering  hotel and to be an Ambassador of Hospitality as an ad hoc representative of Crescent City tourism.  She is a stellar example of hospitality at its best tucked away in this darling corner of the world!”

Abrams, who has taught courses in Travel & Tourism at two colleges in Massachusetts, notes that in touristic locations, “Marketing is everyone’s business and everyone is in the marketing department. What I mean by that is that anyone who is involved in tourism or benefits from visitors coming to their region or their business has an obligation to remember that their demeanor and attitudes will be noticed and remembered.  People who visit places that are beautiful in every way but  where the newcomer is not treated with a warm welcome and a friendly smile is not apt to return to that destination.  Decades ago, the governments of the Bahamas and Jamaica instituted programs with taxi drivers, curriculum in the schools that started at the youngest levels, and Meet the People programs, all of which were successful in raising the awareness of locals to the importance welcoming the visitor and the newcomer.  Having met and interviewed Patricia Coburn and Rick White and others in the region has given me a chance to experience a Crescent City welcome at its best.  And I will long remember the special brand of Crescent City Welcome I have received from others involved in tourism in the region,” Abrams notes. “Travelers expect to make memories they will never forget and I can attest that I have those dipped in platinum!”

Abrams has produced touristic features about locations in Humboldt County, California, neighbor to Del Norte County.  Included are the one-square-mile city of Ferndale and its marvelous Victorian Inn, seen in the films “Outbreak,” with Dustin Hoffman and “The  Majestic,” with Jim Carey,  whose owners Stephanie Abrams regards as dear friends after producing features about the inn many times. Other Humboldt County features have included interviews with the director of Humboldt County Tourism,  Sequoia Park Zoo and their foundation responsible for fundraising to support the needs of the zoo and its visitors, the Benbow Historic Inn in Garberville and its golf course and KOA Campground. 

Abrams notes that Crescent City is a great base to continue to do features on Portland and actually visit the wine trail in Oregon that she has featured in the past but not yet visited. Places in Nevada, Utah and Arizona are high on Abrams list to focus attention.  “There are so many  places we have featured in these states over the years that we’ve never been to! I’m looking forward to supporting our ‘Stay & Play USA’ features with visit to the places we talk about.  American tourism destinations deserve our support!” Abrams concludes.

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