A Little Bit of Ireland

While Ireland Struggles with Surge in Covid-19 Cases, Irish Government & Government Travel Board, Failte Ireland, Promote Safety & Support Irish Hotels with Radio Ads

I listen to Newstalk.com, the online presence of Ireland’s Newstalk Radio, my favorite international radio Talk/News station based in Dublin. Here is what listeners in Ireland are hearing about Covid-19 safety measures and how to support hotels and resorts in Ireland NOW for travel in the future provided by the Irish government and its travel board, Failte Ireland. Have a listen:

Would that the US, federally, would take an active role in promoting safe distancing, hand washing, wearing masks, traveling appropriately while avoiding crowds and educating potential travelers to purchase vouchers for hotels and resorts in the US for gift giving and self use when there is a green light for less restricted travel! What the Irish government is doing and what Failte Ireland is doing to educate its residents on how to stay healthy during this pandemic and those employed in the travel industry to beef up safety features, deep cleansing regimens, and protocols for staff, we, in the US, have no agency of government overseeing a coordinated effort to implement a universal roll-out of protocols. Like our Wild West mentality of “every man for himself,” coupled with our belief in Rugged Individualism, we have no clear cut directives offered, advised, recommended, or imposed upon all who work face-to-face in travel, tourism and hospitality. What we have is a case of every venue and supplier in travel duplicating effort trying to create individual protocols and individual messaging with, perhaps, only the support of a trade organization they belong to. The end result is dilution of potential effectiveness. If we had federal attention from the Department of Commerce, particularly from the division that focuses on travel and tourism, combined with what individual companies in travel are doing and with the leadership of organizations like the American Society of Travel Advisors, the American Hotel and Lodging Association, the US Tour Operators Association, and tourism boards in various states around the nation, we would have an exponentially more powerful effort to overcome the disasterous effects of Covid-10 and its disasterous effect on the travel industry that I’d like to call the”Alliance of Caring Tourism,” (ACT) that would ACT together with leaders from sectors and groups within the industry and with government support to coordinate a powerful program to control the damage being done by Covid-19! Why is every state, even venue for tourism, every supplier in the industry going this alone? Leadership, people! Leadership! Where are you?

Aer Lingus Puts a Little Heart into Christmas 2020. . . Have a look!

This ‘Sooooo Irish’ short little video was created by Aer Lingus, the airline of Ireland. It is filled with Irish spirit and the heart of Irish culture. It will give you insights into why I invest so much time in Ireland! It’s difficult to adequately explain the soul and spirit of the Irish. . . and please don’t confuse Irish-American descendants whose families have been in America ‘forever’ as there is a bit of dilution that takes place far too often as is seen in the lack of Irish sentiment in one-too-many political figure with an Irish last name who has managed to misplace the location of his/her heart. Click on the video below to uplift your spirits at Christmastime 2020.

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