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July 18, 2021_Show ID 1781

Guest: Cathy Ferree, President & CEO, Indiana State Museum & Historic Sites, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

July 17, 2021_Show ID 1780

Hour 1 : Broadcast media radio travel expert Stephanie Abrams shares info on adjusting to differences in breakfast offerings expectations in various countries in Europe and Asia with tips on what travelers might want to pack to have on hand for “survival!” Check out for blogs, photos, travel trips and more!

Hour 2: Guests include:

Mimi Luttge, General Manager, Lions Dive Beach Resort, Willemstad, Curacao, Caribbean.

Pat Dodge, Traveler, Friend and Fan of travel Expert Stephanie Abrams shares the importance of Stephanie’s Concept of Intentional Travel and shares the impact of her experience visiting Omaha Beach for the 40th anniversary of the place where her father fought in WWII in 1944. Pat explains the lasting impact of the value of this emotional journey. While the discussion of this trip begins in Hour 2, the content is so rich and compelling that it continues into Hour 3 of this episode of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams. This is a “Must Listen”discussion!

Hour 3: Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams continues her chat with Pat Dodge, Traveler, Friend and Fan as she shares the impact of her experience visiting Omaha Beach for the 40th anniversary of the place where her father fought in WWII in 1944, a trip that took place in 1984, so close to 40 years ago now. You won’t want to miss this!

July 11, 2021_Show ID 1779

Guest: Mimi Luttge, General Manager, Lions Dive Beach Resort, Willemstad, Curacao, Caribbean.

July 10, 2021_ Show ID 1778

Hour 1 Guest: Sanjiv Hulugalle, General Manager, Mauna Lani, an Auberge Resort, ohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii, Hawaii, USA

Hour 2 Guest: Peter Fuller, Co-owner, Parker Hill Farm & Boutique Campground, Glamping and Alpacas, too!, Springfield, Vermont, USA.

Hour 3: Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams shares vital information on breezing through international arriving flights at US airports.

July 4, 2021_ Show ID 1777


Join Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams for a delicious visit to the historic De Gouverneur Restaurant overlooking the floating pedestrian bridge in Willemstad, the delightful capital city of the Island of Curaçao. This restaurant exemplifies the integration of “European Style and Caribbean Soul!” Warning: Do not listen to this hour of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams when hungry!” NOTE: Curaçao has reopened to travelers from the US!

Hour 1 Guest: Nadim Maarouf, Manager, De Gouverneur Restaurant, Willemstad, Curaçao.

July 3, 2021_Show ID 1776

Celebrating the start of our 20th Year Broadcasting Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams with a tribute to past memorable interviews and new information designed to help travelers stay current with trends, restrictions, and lifting of restrictions worldwide!

Hour 1 Guest: Lady Fiona Conarvon, Highclere Castle, site of Downton Abbey, Hampshire, England, UK.

Hour 2 Guest: Encore presentation celebrating the start of the 20th year of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams with interviews with the first pilot to fly at Boeing 747 when Lufthansa German Airlines took delivery on the very first 747 plane AND an interview with the Chief Engineer at Boeing responsible for pushing through the design and buildout of this iconic and favorite aircraft of so many travelers during the period when Boeing was downsizing and planed to halt construction/completion of the 747

A) Captain Norbert Woelfle, Lufthansa German Airlines Pilot who flew the first 747 in the sky, based in Frankfurt, Germany. Meet & Fly with Captain Norbert Woelfle

B) Joe Sutter, Boeing Chief Engineer and ‘Father of the 747,’ the first wide-body jet, that revolutionized air travel by expanding long-haul travel for travelers because of his work creating and bringing the 747 aircraft into being against pressure to abandon the project! Based in Seattle, Washington, USA. This historic interview of Joe Sutter with travel expert Stephanie Abrams was recorded at a Lufthansa German Airlines dinner in January 2013 that was organized by Nils Haupt, Communications Director of the Americas at Lufthansa three and one-half years prior to Joe Sutter’s death in August, 2016. This is a special tribute to Joe Sutter for his courage, belief and persistence in getting Boeing to build the 747 and to Lufthansa German Airlines who took delivery of the first 747 produced by Boeing, and is a special tribute to the talent, ingenuity and creativity of Nils Haupt for the outstanding opportunities he created for those in travel media to bring valuable stories to the traveling public. Do not miss this as it is truly historic!

Joe Sutter, Chief Engineer, Boeing Aircraft, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Hour 3 Guests:

A) Sara Isby, Traveler & Daughter of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams Sr. Producer & On Air Traveling Companion, David Isby, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA.

B) Roderick Smith, The Ride, New York City, New York, USA.

C) Albert Rizzi, Founder of My Blindspot, Long Island, New York, USA

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  1. Hi Stephanie, Can’t find an email for you. Hope you see this. I enjoyed your novel, RUMORS; it gets the reader right into it on page 1 and doesn’t stop. Thanks!

    Wow, Laura! Thanks for the update! I hope you’ll share your remarks at the site of the online bookseller where you bought RUMORS and I hope your husband reads it too . . . and then tell everyone you know how much you enjoyed it! If you can get a group of 5 or more people who have read RUMORS together, I’d love to schedule an online MeetUp to talke with your circle of friends and/or book club! I’m planning to do a number of these book chats online in 2021 so there’s time for people to order RUMORS in print or ebook and have time to read it before whatever date we decide on. More info is provided in the section at called “ABOUT.’ Keep in touch! Hugs, Stephanie

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