Stephanie Abrams’ Photo Gallery Meanderings

Signs of the Times . . .

You’ll find unique and interesting road signs posted below.

Watch for this every growing gallery to expand as media and broadcast travel expert Stephanie Abrams wanderlust connect her with memorial roadside signs she finds interesting enough to share with you.

You’ll see brown signs with white drawings and text on them in Ireland where these alerts populate the sides of roads throughout the Republic of Ireland alerting travelers to the abundance of naturally beautiful sites to stop at in their journey which also include spiritual sites, historic buildings, monuments, castles, scenic overlooks, waterfalls, fields where important events took place, and locations of ruins rich in history and the spirit of those from the past inserted in every particle of grass and stone. Stephanie’s favorite is the sign near Mizen Head, County Cork, that is the work of a creative person who transformed a road sign indicating an S-curve roadway ahead message into a witch on a broom using a bit of black electrical tape. You’ll find that sign and more below in Signs of the Times. Enjoy!

Even meandering around a destination can provide you with insights about what is important to the local residents! Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams discusses “Signs of the Times” on her nationally syndicated radio shows and TV show, Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams and Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams. Here you see photos of signs on the Big Island of Hawaii, Costa Rica and Ireland and the UK. Whether the language is Hawaiian, Spanish, Irish or English, the messaging comes through loud and clear. Stephanie loves the creativity of the Irish person who took some black electrical tape and turned a sign cautioning drivers of and “S” curve ahead and turned it into a witch on a broom. You’ll find that sign near Mizen Head, one of the most southern points in Ireland where scenes of recent Star Wars films were shot.

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    > Radio & TV Broadcast Media Global Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams posted: ” > Have a look at Signs of the Times! The steepest slopes are in Hawaii. The > quirky signs are a a reflection of Irish humor. And the animal references > are in Costa Rica except for the Turtle sign which is in Berkshire County, > Massachusetts! Enjoy!Tweet” >

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