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September 2021

September 26, 2021

Guest: Travel expert Stephanie Abrams provides travel insights and then visits with Celebrity Radio Personality Alan Simpson in a rebroadcast of a BBC1 radio interview of Stephanie on Alan’s Northern Ireland radio show on Ulster Radio BBC 1 on April 13, 2012, two days before the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic and the day after Stephanie visited Titanic Belfast, and extraordinary exhibit experience memorializing the ‘unsinkable’ ship Titanic which was built at the site of where Titanic Belfast stands today. Stephanie visited Titanic Belfast the day before, on April 12, 2012, when this permanent exhibit was only open 10 days and was new for the people of Northern Ireland and the world! Have a listen and prepare to laugh!

September 25, 2021: A Tribute to our 20th Year Broadcasting Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams Show ID 1800 presenting Interviews with:

Hour 1: Residents of County Mayo, Ireland’s Lahardane where Bridie Syron, David Donahoe and Milchael Coleman share their information and interest in the Addergoogle Parish Historic Society’s Titanic Memorial Park that honors the fourteen local residents who sailed on Titanic. Of the eleven passengers from Addergoole Parish who did not survive, Bridie Syron and David Donahoe remember their aunts who were aboard that fateful voyage that ended in distaster on April 15,1912. Also this hour, artist and local resident Michael Coleman discusses the two stained glass windows on display in St. Patrick’s Church in Lahardane which represent the fourteen people from Addergoole Parish leaving Lahardane to sail on Titanic and displaying people aboard Titanic about to sail from Ireland. Ironically, Coleman chose to use the likeness of his daughters for faces depicted in the stained glass. Is that something like naming your boat The Albatrose? Even more ironic is the information divulged by Coleman during the interview when Radio’s premiere Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams questions Coleman’s American beginnings only to find out that he was raised in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, his father was the engineer who set up WBRK, a local radio station in Pittsfield, he attended Pittsfield High Schoo, all in close proximity to Stephanie’s broadcast studio, and Coleman’s wife is from Lanesborough, Massachusetts, which abuts Pittsfield and is where Stephanie lives! It’s quite an episode of Travel WIITH Stephanie Abrams!

Hour 2: Guest: Andreas Schmidt, General Manager Extraordinaire, Gran Belos Los Cabos,

Los Cabos, Mexico Radio & TV Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams reconnects with Andreas Schmidt whom she remembers with fond memories of being a guest at Le Blanc, a luxury resort in Cancun, Mexico where Andreas was formerly the general manager. Those special memories include how maticulously detailed oriented Andreas was in attending to keeping the hotel and its staff functioning at the highest levels in the service of its guests. Stephanie was delighted to catch up with Andreas Schmidt at the Los Cabos Grand Velas Resort especially because Stephanie has interviewed Juan Vela, who heads up the Grand Velas brand and she has stayed at the Grand Velas Resort in Nueva Vallarta where she was super-impressed by the quality of service at all levels and the gourmet quality of food preparations and presentation in that 5-Star all-inclusive resort. Having experienced the superior quality of hotel service under the watchful eye of Andreas Schimdt and having experienced the excellence of service, environment and ambiance of a Grand Velas resort, Stephanie was keen on sharing this interview with her audiences on radio and online. You’re in for a treat learning how this top-noth general manager has put protocols in place to give hotel guests confidence that their well-being, both physical and emotional, are well looked after!

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  1. Hi Stephanie, Can’t find an email for you. Hope you see this. I enjoyed your novel, RUMORS; it gets the reader right into it on page 1 and doesn’t stop. Thanks!

    Wow, Laura! Thanks for the update! I hope you’ll share your remarks at the site of the online bookseller where you bought RUMORS and I hope your husband reads it too . . . and then tell everyone you know how much you enjoyed it! If you can get a group of 5 or more people who have read RUMORS together, I’d love to schedule an online MeetUp to talke with your circle of friends and/or book club! I’m planning to do a number of these book chats online in 2021 so there’s time for people to order RUMORS in print or ebook and have time to read it before whatever date we decide on. More info is provided in the section at called “ABOUT.’ Keep in touch! Hugs, Stephanie

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