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March 2023

March 25, 2023: Show ID # 1990

Hour 1 Guests: Today’s show is totally devoted to a unique tourism destination that well may be one of the Best Kept Secrets of America! While travelers to California often put San Francisco and nearby Muir Woods, Los Angeles and San Diego on their “Must Visit” lists, to many travelers on their way north or south on the gloriously scenic Highway 101 which runs between Los Angeles and Seattle, Washington, pass right through Crescent City with only a glance out their car windows at natural and historic displays of magnificence!

Like other places in the world that are not directly served by a busy international airport, much like County Donegal in Ireland, only a small percentage of visitors make it a priority to visit Crescent City. . . and radio show travel expert Stephanie Abrams is on mission to help correct that scenario in many places in the world where the heart, soul, rich history and unique culture of the region combine with incredible and unique scenery providing visitors with experiences they will joyfully remember.

Guest #1 this hour: Debi White, Event & Community Engagement Director at the Redwood Conservancy, based in Crescent City, California kick off today’s show. Stephanie suggests that her radio fans watch two YouTube videos that provide an overview of Crescent City and it’s region and The 15 Tallest Trees in the World. . . scan to the end of this video to see the Hyperion and to click here to see Juggernaut in the Jedidiah Smith Redwood State Park in Crescent City, California. So two of the tallest trees in the world are neighbors of Calfironia residents and visitors! If you have a National Park Pass, admission is free. Debi White is a wealth of information and the bearer of good tidings as well! You won’t want to miss this interview!

Hour 1 Guest #2: Eric Wier, City Manager, Crescent City, California: It’s easy to see why Eric Wier is an important member of Crescent City government! Born and raised in Crescent City, and after college and jobs in other places in the US, the magnetic pull of Crescent City, CA, could not be ignored. Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams is certain that Eric will charm listeners with his vivid and valuable descriptions of what makes Crescent City an ideal place to visit and marvelous place to live. . . and Stephanie Abrams agrees!

Click on the Play Button to hear Debi White’s and Eric Wier’s interviews!

Be sure to stay tuned for the next two hours so you have insights into where to stay where Crescent City hospitality bubbles over led by its charismatic and charming general manager who has been at the Best Western Plus Northwoods Inn for over 20 years and is an expert and making sure that guests have a memorable experience at the hotel and during their Crescent City stay. And don’t leave today’s episode until you know where to end your sightseeing day at a pub that will lift your spirits with their award-winning brews at Port O’Pints.

Note that there is so much more to know about in Crescent City but these three hours were just not enough time to do it justice! Eric Wier(Hour 1) and Patricia Coburn (Hour 2) have promised to return for more interviews with Stephanie Abrams and Stephanie is looking forward to speaking with spokespersons for two local tribally owned casinos in Crescent City to learn about the impact of tribal culture on the region, tribal history and what the casinos offer the visitor as well as speaking with someone who has lived for 30 days as a volunteer “lighthouse keeper” in the historic Battery Point Lighthouse and get some updates on Crescent City’s History Museum. Regrettably, there just wasn’t time for all of that today.

But Stephanie does want to make special mention of the unforgettable telephone call from Sean Smith who heads up the Del Norte County Historical Society which oversees the Crescent City Historic Museum and the Battery Point Lighthouse. “I don’t know when I’ve been so blown away by the level of hospitality expressed to me by Sean Smith when we were trying to fit an interview into this week’s programming about the museum and lighthouse. He certainly made an impression on me that I will long remember. The good news is that we have the rest of our lives to schedule guests to speak to about these attractions which are fundamental to understanding Crescent City, California and we were so sorry that these special places could not get more attention in this debut program about Crescent City. This will clearly be the first of many features on Crescent City so no worries about my interest in the region flagging as I know this is a destination my audience needs to learn more about. It is clearly one of those unique places that most people know very little about and education on the region is key to motivating travelers and tourists to head to this northwestern corner of California just 20 miles south of the Oregon border . And it’s been a joy for me and my production team to experience the warm, friendly, welcoming and hospitable people who live and work in Crescent City and are involved in tourism venues,” Stephanie Abrams notes . “We’ll certainly make the time to include the two local casinos, Elk Valley Casino and Lucky 7 Casino & Hotel, in our next program focused on, “Casino Capers” that our audience loves as we pop around the US and abroad dropping in on casinos that have a special story to tell! It would be a shame to keep these “goodies” all to ourselves and not share them with our audience of travelers who are always looking for a new adventure in a great destination!

So many interesting places. . . Never enough time!

Hour 2 Guest: Radio Show Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams meets with General Manager, Patricia Coburn, at the hotel that sparkles under her watchful and caring eye, the Best Western Plus Northwoods Inn perfectly located on scenic Highway 101 directly across the street from the Pacific Ocean and a colony of seals and sea lions that reside in Crescent City, California. Patricia provides insights into the features and benefits this Best Western Plus offers guests who are well looked after by Patricia and her caring and skilled staff. Patricia shares personal insights and recommendations on unique touristic offerings in the region acting as a stellar representative of tourism for Crescent City and Del Norte County, California, while reflecting the incredible warmth and hospitality that visitors can expect to be met with as “strangers” in unfamiliar territory. And you can hear that super level of hospitality in her words, her voice, and see it in her smile that breaks through the radio waves to the audience of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams on radio, online at and at major podcasters! Learn about Crescent City, California, this unique destination intensely blessed with a gorgeous stretch of never-ending beaches, two of the tallest trees in the world in the redwood forest that also provides hiking and walking trails and its unique micro-climate that makes for comfortable travels and comfortable living year ’round! Outdoor living at its best! And the only reason you’ll want to go inside is for a great meal or to relax at the Best Western Plus at their pool and sauna and head to your comfortable accommodations with a million dollar view of the Pacific Ocean! (

Click to hear Stephanie Abrams interview Patricia Coburn, General Manager, Best Western Plus Northwoods Inn, Crescent City California.

Hour 3 Guest: Rick White, Publican, Port O’Pints, Crescent City, California

Stephanie Abrams visits Port O’Pints on Saint Patrick’s Day as a good substitution for being in Ireland! Noting that she has seen some of the most vivid rainbows right in Crescent City, and ones that touch down right on Highway 101 where cars can be seen driving through the rainbows, this pub is what she refers to as “an authentic Irish pub experience!” Rick discusses the brewery associated with the pub and the multiple awards their brewery has been awarded.

In the atmosphere of a lively St. Patrick’s Day celebration, radio show travel expert Stephanie Abrams continues to experience a warm welcome at Port O’Pints to this northwestern California region which bubbles over with a friendly welcome to newcomers from the tourism community. Join Stephanie as she interviews Rick White and join in the fun and what the Irish call “good craic!”

Stephanie notes that she is “bowled over” by the level of welcome she has received by the tourism community that can’t be compared or matched by any destination in the world she has visited! “The reaction to our interest in sharing with my audience on air and online the features and benefits of the Crescent City area has knocked me out!” broadcast travel expert Stephanie Abrams states noting that Rick White is a joy to know pointing out that others in the field of travel, tourism and hospitality in the region have been quick to share their unique welcoming style and brand of hospitality with Stephanie who has appreciated this shortcut to getting to know so many local people!

The pure joy of a being at Port O’Pints pub on St. Patrick’s Day, a lively spot whose interior reflects the charm of a pub in Ireland exploding with happy people having a grand time will engage listeners, Stephanie points out. “Since we couldn’t be in Ireland this year, celebrating at the Port O’Pints pub was just amazing!” she notes. Join Stephanie and Rick White by clicking below to relive the party again and again!

Note that the theme music for Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams is an Irish folk song called, ‘The Jaunty Car’ and is performed by Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfe Tones. Derek, described by Stephanie as, ‘a great musician, composer, author, musical scholar and musical historian of Irish, American and Australian folk music, and great friend, has given Stephanie the right to use the Young Wolfe Tones rendition of The Jaunty Car. Stephanie also points out that you can take a ride in a horse drawn jaunty car when you visit Killarney in County Kerry , Ireland as they are lined up and ready to roll out for a bit of sightseeing with an added bit of memorable charm.

Click on the Play Button above to hear Hour 3 of today’s show!

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