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The song, “The Irish Jaunting Car,” dates back to before the American Civil War. The Irish jaunting car was a one-horse carriage and jaunting referred to making the horse prance a bit during the ride. My very good friend, Derek Warfield, and the very talented Young Wolfe Tones, have given us permission to use their recording of The Irish Jaunting Car as a “gift of love” for which we are very grateful! You’ll find that song on their newest album, “Last Man Standing.” That fabulous banjo playing you’ll hear when you click on the play button below, is provided by Demaris Woods, an exceptionally talented and world-renowned banjo artist.

Below is the full rendition of Derek Warfield & The Young Wolf Tones performing, “The Irish Jaunting Car.” Have a listen and raise your spirits!

Archived Audio for December 2020

December 27, 2020_Show ID 1725

Hour 1 Guest: Derek Warfield, founder of The Wolfe Tones and The Young Wolfe Tones, County Kildare, Ireland,

December 26, 2020_ Show ID 1724

Hour 1 Guest: Dr. Tim Campbell, Director, The Saint Patrick Centre, Downpatrick, County Dublin, Northern Ireland, UK,

Adapting to the need for social distancing and recognizing the healthful benefits of out door experiences, The Saint Patrick Centre has introduced walking tours that follow trails forged by Patrick to visit unique places in beautiful countryside of the Kingdoms of Down. These walks, led by former nuns who are intensely knowledgeable about the history of the region and the life of Patrick, tour unique spots are the area including a stop in Saul where Patrick built the first church in Ireland.

Hour 2 and Hour 3 Guest: Paul Doran, Baron of Salt, owner of Belleek Castle, Garrankeel, Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland

It is rare when radio show travel expert Stephanie Abrams holds a guest over from one hour to the next but Paul Doran is one of those exceptional people with and even more exceptional family history of rascals and scoundrals that will delight the imp that lives inside you yearning to burst free! Paul’s story is one of international adventure and risk-taking that results in the purchase of Belleek Castle where, today, you can overnight in comfortable castle rooms or visit their lounge for a fireside drink, and have lite fare in Jack Fenn’s Cafe . . . or dine in immersed within Belleek Castle’s historic walls in its fine dining restaurant. A great place for a party, family reunion, benchmarking occasion or corporate event, Stephanie sees Belleek Castle as her Number One Choice for a uniquely memorable place to visit while in County Mayo, Ireland awarding it \a Gilt Edge Shamrock!

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Hour 2:

Hour 3:

December 20, 2020_Show ID 1723

Guest: Michael Mancke, General Manager, Plantation on Crystal River, Crystal River, Florida, USA

December 19,2020_ Show ID 1722

Hour 1 Guest: Derek Warfield, founder of The Wolfe Tones and The Young Wolfe Tones, County Kildare, Ireland,

Hour 2 Guest: Jim Dwyer, President-Elect, Skal International USA, Based in Secaucus, New Jersey, USA,

Hour 3 Guest: Jade McBride, Managing Director of Ted Turner Reserves and GM of Vermejo Park Ranch. Vermejo is set on 550,000 acres in Northern New Mexico, USA.

December 13, 2020_Show ID 1721

Hour 1 Guest: Linda Hart, Executive Director, Holland Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, Holland, Michigan, USA

December 12, 2020_ Show ID 1720

Hour 1 Guest: NewTek founder, Tim Jenison, inductee into the San Antonio Inventors Hall of Fame as the “Father of Desktop Video” spearheaded the creation of Video Toaster, LightWave 3D visual effects software, and immersed himself in proving the theory that the Dutch painter, Vermeer, used mechanical means to paint his masterpieces. Radio show travel expert, Stephanie Abrams, interviews Tim Jenison about the process of “painting a Vermeer” and his travels from Texas to Amsterdam to London to do the necessary research, even in Queen Elizabeth II’s personal art collection! “Tim’s Vermeer,” a documentary of the process of the creation of a Vermeer by Tim, a person who never painted anything before this experiment, was written, directed and produced by the team of Penn & Teller.

Hour 2 Guest: Donald Lasssere, President & CEO,  Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Hour 3 Guest: Keiko Matsudo Orrall, Executive Director, Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism, MOTT, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

December 6, 2020_ Show ID 1719

Guest: Alison Parsons, Countess of Rosse and wife of Brendan Parsons, 7th Earl of Rosse, live from Birr Castle in Co. Offaly, Ireland, answers Stephanie’s questions about Mary Ward, cousin of the line of Rosse family members, who was the first person ever to be killed in an automobile accident which happened in 1869 in Birr while in a steam-engine automobile built by the 3rd Earl of Rosse who also designed and built the telescope called the Leviathan which still stands on the grounds of Birr Castle. Don’t miss this interview!

December 5, 2020_ Show ID 1718

In Hours 1 & 2, archived below, Media Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams visits with Mark Leslie, based in County Dublin,to catch up on insights into references in the trending Netflix series, The Crown, related to Birr Castle in County Offaly, Ireland. Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams broadcast on November 28th, Hour 2 and archived below, includes the Countess of Rosse who is married to the 7th Earl of Rosse who is mentioned by Anthony Armstrong-Jones’ character in the series. Stephanie’s audiences always enjoy the inside track to reliable information and this follow up on last week’s show. By popular demand, we will rebroadcast the 11/28/20 show with Alison, Countess of Rosse, tomorrow, syndicated by Radio America coast-to-coast.

Hour 1 Guest: Mark Leslie, CEO & Founder of Martello, Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin, Ireland.

In this hour, Stephanie and Mark Leslie chat about President-Elect Biden’s ancestors’ homesteads in Co. Mayo and County Louth and the newest achievements and awards won by Martello, Mark’s company, for the marvelous visitors’ centers and experiences for visitors that Martello has created with four new centers in place in Ireland.

Hour 2 Giuest: Mark Leslie, CEO & Founder of Martello, Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin, Ireland. In this hour, Stephanie and Mark “dish” about tidbits revealed in the Netflix series, The Crown, related to Anthony Armstrong-Jones a half-sibling of the 7th Lord Rosse from Birr Castle in County Offaly, Ireland. You won’t want to miss thie insider info shared here! Note that Mark Leslie’s father was 1st cousin of Winston Churchill so there is a pipeline of information and first hand experieces that Mark shares!

Hour 3:

Hour 3 Guest: Joanne Walsh, General Manager Extraordinaire, Lough Erne Resort, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, UK. (Note that Rory McElroy, championship golfer, is from Enniskillen and has honed his skills on the local courses that surround Lough Erne Resort. Also note that the first person in the world to receive a Covid innoculation is Margaret Keenan who lived the early part of her life in Enniskillen but has lived the last 60 years of her 90 years on earth in Coventry, England. When you hear Enniskillen mentioned, think Lough Erne Resort!

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  1. Hi Stephanie, Can’t find an email for you. Hope you see this. I enjoyed your novel, RUMORS; it gets the reader right into it on page 1 and doesn’t stop. Thanks!

    Wow, Laura! Thanks for the update! I hope you’ll share your remarks at the site of the online bookseller where you bought RUMORS and I hope your husband reads it too . . . and then tell everyone you know how much you enjoyed it! If you can get a group of 5 or more people who have read RUMORS together, I’d love to schedule an online MeetUp to talke with your circle of friends and/or book club! I’m planning to do a number of these book chats online in 2021 so there’s time for people to order RUMORS in print or ebook and have time to read it before whatever date we decide on. More info is provided in the section at called “ABOUT.’ Keep in touch! Hugs, Stephanie

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